Never miss church…used to attend church…

never set foot in church.

Love Jesus…used to love Jesus…

just don’t know about Jesus. 

Bible is your daily companion…

Bible is on your coffee table…

Bible is your doorstop.

Whoever you are, 

Wherever you are in your faith journey,

We’ll come alongside you…to worship, to learn,

to join hands in working in the community.

Or you can simply be.  No pressure, no proselytizing.

You’re welcome here.

Season of Peace

September 4-October 2

Peacemaking was central to Jesus’ earthly ministry and central to what he calls us as his followers—perhaps now more than ever. 

The PCUSA has declared September Season of Peace. 

Join us for a special sermon series and Bible study each Sunday in September, culminating in World Communion Sunday, October 2. 

Adult Bible Study: The Things That Make for Peace

September 4-25, 2016

10:45 a.m. Sanctuary Overflow Room

September 4

“Recognizing Peace” 

Luke 19:37-44; Ephesians 1:18          click here to download class handout

This session explores the differences between peace as the world often defines it and as Jesus teaches and models it.

September 11

“Finding Peace ‘So That You May Live Deep

Within Your Heart’” 

Philippians 4:4-7; Romans 5:15

How do we find peace in our hearts? How do we deepen our personal spiritual practices as peacemakers? This session explores how we might ground ourselves in the practice of peace.

September 18

“Practicing Peace ‘So That You May Work for Justice,

Freedom, and Peace’” 

Matthew 5:38-44

What does it mean to “turn the other cheek”? What is the difference between being a doormat and choosing nonviolence?

September 25

“Living Peace ‘So That You Can Do What Others Claim

Cannot Be Done’” 

2 Chronicles 6:13-40; Matthew 5:23-24; Romans 12:18

Peace within, peace with God, and peace with others all require forgiveness and a life that seeks to restore relationships.

Presbyterian Mission

Peacemaking Program

International Peacemaker, Dora Kanizsai-Nagy, will be visiting CENTRALongmont on October 22

Meet Dóra Kanizsai-Nagy and Hear Her Story

Saturday, October 22

Dinner @ 6 pm followed by presentation

Fellowship Hall

RSVP by email or call the church office at 303-776-6833

Dóra Kanizsai-Nagy, from Budapest, Hungary, has a degree in international relations and began her career in think tanks, focusing on energy policy and democracy. Since 2008, she has served with the Reformed Church in Hungary (RCH) in various capacities – first as a project manager and later as the head of the RCH’s Refugee Ministry. In 2014 she co-founded the Kalunba Social Services Association, an NGO that now actively serves refugees in Budapest. Dóra and her team work towards helping their clientele in both the short and long term, providing services such as housing assistance, employment, schooling programs, language lessons, as well as community building opportunities. “Since the beginning, it has been vital for to me to actively search for the ways in which we can provide practical help for those turning to us. It is very important for me to show how the church can apply abstract theological values in a practical sense,” says Dóra, when describing her work. The refugee mission aims to provide concrete and practical help to the population that it serves so that their clients might lead more full, well rounded, and independent lives as productive and valuable members of society.

At CENTRALongmont...

our purpose is simple: to know Jesus and to bless our community.  It's foundational to everything else we do. It means taking Jesus at his word and doing our best to live accordingly. 

It's tough stuff. We're far from perfect in doing it. But we hang on to how Jesus summed it all up: Love God, love others, love yourself.

Today we Christians seem to be best known for our worst behavior--judging, criticizing, arguing, splintering. We here at CENTRALongmont are a diverse group, running the demographic gamut from young to old, the ideological spectrum from seriously conservative to seriously liberal. We don't agree on everything. But we do agree--no, we commit--to live and work and worship together as part of our witness to the community outside our doors that followers of Jesus can share a diversity of viewpoints yet still love and accept one another. We've chosen to do our best to leave partisan bickering behind to focus instead on loving God, loving others, and loving ourselves.  

It's why the banner hanging outside the front of our church says, "Whoever you are, wherever you are in your faith journey, we'll come alongside you...to worship, to learn, to join hands in working in the community. You are welcome here."

Our Purpose and Core Values

Mission at CENTRALongmont


A fire relief fund has been set up through Foothills United Way to help residents impacted by the Cold Springs Fire near Nederland.  Those seeking to make a donation, can visit www.ColdSpringsFireFund.org.   The funds will be distributed by the Boulder County Department of Housing and Human Services through case managers working with fire-impacted residents. 

Latino Ministry




5:00 pm Segundo, tercera y cuarto domingo del mes

Cuidado de niños y niñas

Compartimos alimentos que traemos de la casa

Todos invitados

Te invitamos a participar en un ambiente

familiar y Cristiano

5:00 pm the 2nd, 3rd & 4th Sundays of the month.

Nursery care for younger children; dinner following the service.

All are welcome to participate in a Christian family friendly atmosphere. 

The Latino Ministry began as a conversation between several Latino families and CENTRALongmont members who have a heart for the growing Latino population in Longmont. Their vision is a reflection of the following core values:

  • Strong Christian families
  • Ensuring new believers are discipled
  • Raising Christian leaders
  • Growth in numbers and maturity
  • Community involvement – political and service
  • Multicultural unity
  • Serving the immigrant community

The form of church this new ministry is providing is very different from traditional Presbyterian ways of doing church. Sermons are interactive and services always end with a meal, which is the perfect place to break cultural barriers and create new relationships. The CENTRALongmont Latino Ministry is committed to creating a worshipping community that has an impact on our world. We want to serve our new immigrant population and be a community that welcomes new immigrants and trains them to be involved in the larger community.

We'd love to meet you!

Location: 402 Kimbark St., Longmont, CO

Phone: 303-776-6833

After Hours Emergency Number: 303-378-8511

Email: info@centralongmont.net

Sunday Worship: 9:15 am  |  Christian Education: 10:45 am

Latino Worship Service:  5:30 pm - 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Sunday of the month